Diamonds & Diamond Jewelry Sales in Hallowell, ME

Beautiful, Handcrafted Diamond Jewelry from Russell’s Gems

Many people love the classic look of a piece of diamond jewelry. Russell’s Gems has a huge selection of diamonds in many shapes and sizes in our inventory, and a wide variety of jewelry featuring diamonds and other gemstones that you are sure to love. If you do not see something you absolutely love, as us about creating a custom designed piece to your specifications. Choose the size and cut of your diamond, as well as the setting and type of metal, and let our passionate experts craft your personalized piece. To learn more about our custom designed jewelry, or to view our complete inventory, contact us today: (207) 621-1065.

Large Jewelry Store Quality, Affordable Prices

Our jewelry is top-quality and handcrafted, but that does not mean the average Hallowell, Maine customer cannot afford it. Our prices are lower than a lot of the larger jewelry stores in the area, and we pride ourselves on our low prices and high quality compared to the larger chain stores. Even with our lower prices, we know that paying in full for a piece of jewelry can be hard on your budget. This is why we offer payment options for our customers. Talk to us about these options when you are browsing through our inventor

Custom Designed Diamond Jewelry to Create Unique Pieces

Our expert jewelers know how to create beautiful pieces that are personalized to you. We consult you for every step, which allows us to craft a piece of jewelry that matches your tastes, personality, and budget. Choose one or more stones from our inventory of loose diamonds and other gemstones to create the perfect necklace, bracelet, ring, or something else entirely. Then, choose the metal and type of setting. We are careful to size your rings perfectly, and we make sure that necklaces are always your ideal length. For more information about

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